Hiatus; Sadly

With the coming of last week’s page we’ve now reached the end of the first “issue” (or perhaps the first chapter). Though the story has a long way yet to go, for the moment it must pause. Stanley has decided he has too many fiscal constraints to keep working on it for free. So unless those circumstances change, we generate some money, or another artist shows interest, sadly New Dawn Voyager is now going on indefinite leave. Please let us know if you’ve enjoyed it thus far.

Happy New Year!

Twenty-eleven arrives and it looks like we’re gathering a few readers and that’s great! It’s awesome when anyone comments on the comics, we appreciate it! And also, if anyone has any suggestions for the site design, let me know. One issue we still need to fix is getting the whole comic to export in the RSS feed. Not sure why the webcomic plugin doesn’t automatically do that, but if anyone has a suggestion, shoot it on over.

On an unrelated note, I just watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World the other day. Haven’t read the comic, but am I alone in thinking he should have totally gone with Knives in the end? Ramona was boring and Knives kicked ass! What a dumb choice.

Welcome to the world of the N.D.V.

Figbar and myself are very happy to present our blood, sweat, and digital tears in the form of  an ongoing dramatic sci-fi webcomic.

To begin, we’re posting the first four pages (starting here).

After that, we’ll be posting a new page every thursday.

Please enjoy the adventure!